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EUDA professional series ALL-SKY cameras


At a glance:



This is our professional EUDA ALL SKY surveillance camera, with active dome heating control. This glass dome will not fog over, whatever the weather, humidity, or temperatury.


EUDA camera's are supplied with a cooled CCD sensor and embedded filterwheel, that enables noiseless, long time, multi-spectral exposures.


The EUDA range is aimed at continuous all-sky surveillance of fast transient phenomena, like meteors and firelballs, as well as slower objects like NEO satelites, rockets, noctilucent clouds, polar lights, zodiacal light and airglow.


The camera can be combined with a comprehensive suite of weather sensors like anemometer, wind-direction, temperature, humidty.


A wide dynamical range of the image sensor enables continous night and day imaging.



here some quick facts:

  • 8.3 million pixel monochrome progressive scan detector with 16 bits digitization
  • Cooled CCD minus 25°C from ambiant 
  • USB 2.0 output with 20 m cable length
  • FOV: 185°x185° fisheye field
  • Snapshot with long exposure mode
  • Active and automatic dome defrost
  • Full anodized aluminium casing, water tight box and connectors.
  • Embedded 5 position filter wheel (user can choose which filter to integrate, great flexibility)
  • Lens auto-iris and focuser remote control
  • Daylight imaging with neutral filter and short exposure


Technical specifications        
Type Sensor

Illuminated field










EUDA 6ML Mono 8.3 million 3100x2100



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