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ScopeDome 4M observatory dome


You want to know this first:


-- Dome diameter: 4000 mm

-- Shutter width: 1170 mm

-- Dome height: 2960 mm

-- Diameter of the base ring: 3500 mm

-- Height of the base: 1100 mm 

-- Fully automated drive systems for

    dome rotation and the shutter

-- Dome weight: 875 kg (comes on 2 pallets)


-- for telescopes up to 20" equatorial,

   or 40" alt/az mounted


Access door: optional

-- Steel support system: optional

-- inner and outer stairway: optional

-- Steel support ring systems: optional


This 4M wide observatory dome is made from 6mm glass polyester laminate (GFK), which guarantees complete protection against all environmental influences, simultaneously providing a high level of stability and guaranteed longevity. A proprietary special reinforcement rib system on the inside of shell  construction, provides additional rigidness. The water tightness of the dome is warranted by a special design of labyrintal joints and surfaces, that prevent ingress of water or snow in the dome.


A large, "dome-around" air gap in the base ring prevents excessive daytime heating of the interior and easy temperature equilization during nighttime observing, as soon as the dome is opened.


The large observing window, with a width of 1m, allows unhindered observing for telescopes with diameters of up to 80 cm. The observing window has been designed in such a way, that an unobstructed view of the zenith is possible.

The dome comes complete with all all necesary motor hardware for dome rotation and  shutter window. All control electronics is house in patented watertight cabinets.


The dome electronics are 100% ASCOM compliant and feature standard dome/telescope sync, power management, sensor suite, proprietary software. A wide range of weather stations can be interfaced with the dome's control system, to trigger dome safe-mode events. The ScopeDome TCS/OCS  system supports remote and robotic operation, worldwide, either cable, or satelite based. Ask us!



Due to its weight, its dimensions, its special requirements and in particular for saftey reasons we advise that your 4M dome is constructed by a qualified construction team.


Both the 4M and 5.5 M domes are installed on a concrete ring foundation, or our proprietary steel support structure ring system (SSRS). 


Upon ordering the 4M observatory dome, DOME PARTS GmbH will give you all technically relevant information and a ring design, so your local building contrator can pour your foundation.


DOME PARTS GmbH Germany offers "turnkey" construction services:
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