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heavy load DIRECT DRIVE mounts   

You want to know this first:


Direct-Drive mounts are advanced, high performance telescope mounts with extreme tracking and positioning accuracy.


With instrument loads of 120KG and 220KG, the NOVA range of telescope mounts are a class of their own.


In a nutshell, these are the main advantages:

  • No gears, no worm drives and no belts: no complex maintainance, no mechanical wear, no summer-winter gear and worm tuning
  • Semi absolute encoders : no periodic error, accurate positionning and slew accuracy, very smooth motion
  • High speed and noiseless slews (up to 20°/sec)
  • Long, un-guided exposure times (15 min with 2m focal length!) : NO guiding!
  • Power-less magnetic brakes, to ensure telescope tube safety
  • Hollow axis feed-through, for all cabling of CCD camera's, focuser, filterwheel and auxilary instruments.
  • On startup the mount knows where it is pointing in the sky, due to absolute positioning system.
  • Absolutely NOISLESS operation.

  NOVA  120                         NOVA 200 

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