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DOME PARTS optical  The Observatory People
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Our high quality astronomical observatories stand all over the world, in Namibia, Jordan, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Indonesia, USA, Chile, El Salvador, French Polynesia and many more all over Europe.


With a wide spectrum of observatory products, subsidiaries and representatives in all parts of the world, we serve a truly global astronomical market.






DOME PARTS optical is a Germany based astro-engineering company, specialized in planning, developing and building high quality, science-grade astronomical observatories. We also supply our services as a subcontractor for major international partners and institutions.


Our specialist dome construction teams travel the world to install high quality astronomical observatories for institutions, universities, holiday resorts and private customers.








We offer the finest in astronomical observatories, science grade instrumentation and remotely, or robotically operated telescope systems.


Dome Parts optical creates, what does not yet exist in the field of observatory control technology and supplies custom solutions for optical groups and your very individuel instrumentation. Anywhere. Anytime.










We seek to provide our expertise for the entire astronomical community, be it for amateur astronomers, astronomical societies, schools, universities or scientific institutions.

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