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GreenLine ROLL-OFF observatories

These fine, high quality GreenLine Roll-Off observatories are meant for the advanced hobby- astronomer, astronomical societies, and schools. Dome Parts GmbH offers trouble-free on-site construction services, but setting up the observatory by DIY-minded hobby-astronomers is a real option. Ask us! 

Versions and Options:

Basically we offer 3 standard versions: Mini: 1,6x1,6x2,25M, Medium: 2,5x2,5x2,25M and Big: 2,75x2,75x2,25M.


All versions come without control system, they are fully hand operable. Optionallly we supply two drive systems, a "push-button" operated system and a high-end ASCOM compliant control system by ScopeDome. Custome dimensions are possible, due to the scallable design of the roll-off observatory. Contact us if you want to know more about these options.


GreenLine Semi-Automatic roll-off roof drive system                                                 

- electric motor with gearbox
- Plug&Play cabling
- Limit switches
- Two-Button control box with key mains power switch - Linear gear (cogrim) kit

- All fixing material, motor (disengageble) bracket


Fully-Automatic, Asom compliant system

GreenLine Full-Automatic roll-off roof drive system                                                 

- electric motor with heated gearbox for low-temperature operation

- 100% ASCOM compliant ScopeDome roll-off control-system
- Plug&Play cabling
- Limit switches

- observatory power management system
- connection for UPS system
- Sensor package: Temp-IN, Temp-OUT, Airpressure, Humidity - USB-2 interface
- Remote operation by (optional) PC or TCS system, worldwide via internet
- Software package
- Linear gear (cogrim) kit
- All fixing material, motor bracket


This upgrades your GreenLine Roll-Off observatory into a Remote Observatory! 

GREENLNE Roll-Off observatories are made in GERMANY 

DOME PARTS GmbH Germany offers "turnkey" construction services,
call +49 8234 90 59 101
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