Observatory Systems
Observatory Systems 

Observatory product range 

... the ScopeDome 2M observatory dome comes in 3 Versions.

 ... with its unbeatable "value-for-the-buck" ratio, the ScopeDome 3M dome is our most sold dome.

... the ScopeDome 4M observatory dome is aimed at universities, colleges and astronomical societies.

... the ScopoeDome 5,5M observatory dome is our flagship dome. It takes telescopes of up to 1M aperture. 

... Astroshell clamshell domes from 4,25M to 6M for those that want the full field of view: 360 degrees.

... DOME PARTS GmbH supplies modular dome steel support systems and custom built telescope piers.

.. advanced TCS, OCS and ICS systems to control your observatory.

... high quality timber GreenLine Roll-off observatories.

... expert construction services from"just" the dome, to complete turnkey solutions, worldwide.

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Steel support ring systems,

custom telescope pier systems


Custom ring supports, advanced steel telescope piers and instrument consoles.


        All components:

                            - CAD/CAM engineered,

                            - lasered components

                            - CNC machined

                            - dip or fire galvanized

                            - powder and spray painted


3M clamshell dome

New in the our range of ScopeDome observatory products is our revolutionary 3M advanced clamshell dome system.


This is sheer MAGIC!


The affordable 3M clamshell dome will come complete with control electronics and shutter drive system. The shutters can be independently placed in any desired postion to fit your observing mode.


And of course: the 3M clamshell dome is completely ASCOM compliant with time-proven proprietary ScopeDome control drivers and software.




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