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ScopeDome 2M astronomy dome



You want to know this first:


Dome only version:

-- diameter of the dome: 2000 mm

-- shutter width: 590 mm

-- dome height: 1400 mm

-- diameter of the base: 1940 mm

-- diameter of the outer base ring: 1940 mm

-- diameter of the inner base ring: 1820 mm

-- for telescopes up to 12 inch, equatorial

Dome with riser ring wall:
Overall height with available riser rings

-- Riser ring wall:  H80 : 2340 mm

-- Riser ring wall: H120 : 2615 mm

-- all riser rings have standard ONE equipment bay

-- more bays on request

-- access door standard


weight (with pallet): ~ 250 kg





This is the most advanced 2M rotary dome on the market.


Ordering options range from "just" the dome, to fully automated versions that leave nothing to wish for. The ScopeDome 2M observation dome is running so smoothly that it can be rotated using a single  finger. The shutter can also be operated by hand.


The automated versions feature 100% ASCOM compliance, full remote capabillity, dome sync, proprietary software,  power management, plug & play wiring system, 12V DC motors for shutter and rotation. Including integrated 220V/12V powersupply. As a bonus the system can be run from a 12V power source, like a car battery or solar power panels.



  • dome comes fully assembled and tested.
  • easy DIY installation 
  • construction service available (ask quote!)
  • plug and run, complete "ready to go" system.
  • optional safe (12V DC) power supply for the motors, control card and heating system,
  • optional dome motors and control card can be powered directly from a 12V DC car battery,
  • optional advanced slip ring system enables the shutter to open in any azimut position
  • optional hidden shutter drve system to ensure optimal weather protection
  • built to precision, employing advanced design and "state-of-the-art" production techniques


DOME PARTS GmbH Germany offers "turnkey" construction services


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